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Alexandra Tandon

Creator and Voice of Jessie

Alexandra Tandon is the creator, writer, and director of All In My Head. She also plays the voice of Jessie and is an amateur costume makeup artist. Alexandra is currently a sophomore at DePaul University studying creative writing and living in Chicago but her home will always be Los Angeles. Season 1 of All In My Head is Alexandra’s first time directing but she plans to continue. This is Alexandra’s first time writing horror. Oddly enough, she isn’t the biggest fan of horror as she has been easily spooked ever since watching Coraline at the tender age of nine. (Although Coraline is now one of her favorite movies.) Alexandra could not be more excited for everyone to listen to AIMH and hopes you all like it!

Mia Passarella

Voice of Nova

Mia Passarella is an LA actress originally from Phoenix, Arizona. She is a graduate of Arizona State University where she studied Theatre and Justice Studies. When she’s not acting, Mia also enjoys drawing and puppet making and is currently teaching herself digital art/animation (10/10 would NOT recommend the self taught method. Go take a class dude. This sh*t is hard). Mia is super stoked to be a part of this project and she hopes you like it, otherwise she blew out her voice for no reason. But for real. You’ll like it. Our team is great. Thanks everyone!

Michael Warker

Voice of The Shadow/Monsters

Michael Warker is an awkward college student who sometimes has trouble in social situations but loves to act! He currently attends the School of Dramatic Arts at the University of Southern California. All in my Head is his first podcast, and he hopes to get more voice acting work in the future. He loves getting into the booth and doing wacky (and sometimes scary) voices. He hopes his spooky voice gives you some chills this Halloween when you listen to this amazing podcast!

Nicole Knudsen

Voice of Lana

Nicole Knudsen is a graduate of the University of Southern California’s School of Dramatic Arts and the British American Drama Academy’s London Semester Program.  Fall and Winter are her favorite seasons, though – as a lifelong Californian and nine-year resident of Los Angeles – her out-of-state friends tell her that she does not, in fact, know what real seasons are.  Though a self-proclaimed scaredy-cat when it comes to horror, she has a soft spot for the film Cabin in the Woods.  It’s the only horror movie she willingly saw in theatres by herself.  True, she saw it at 11 AM so it would be bright and sunny and not even a little bit spooky when she left the theatre, but it still counts.

Michael DiNardo

Voice of Hayden

Michael is a California-raised gentleman who’s never been great about horror stuff. Usually watching a horror movie will have him tossing and turning for the rest of the week. However, studying theater at USC and working around the Los Angeles area doing small theater and film gigs helped him be not such a scaredy cat in the recording booth for this show. Like his character Hayden, Michael can usually be found lounging on the couches at his friends’ places doing his work there instead of in the distracting, noisy home he shares with five other people. And in case you were wondering, Michael will be spending this Halloween dressed up as Linguini from Ratatouille.

David Bradburn

Voice of Brady

David is SO excited to be apart of All In My Head.  He has loved every bit the process, from rehearsals to recording, from the story and cast of characters to working with the director, Alex Tandon.  Playing Brady has been such a fun experience for him as well, and sees a lot of himself in the character. This is the second podcast David has been apart of.  Catch him as a suave train conductor in “Super Ordinary!”

Tom Taglang

Voice of Reese

As a boy in the farmland outskirts of Philadelphia Pennsylvania Tom dreamed of stardom. His dream was on the soccer field not in Hollywood. A career ending injury lead him to find his spotlight another way. After auditioning for a college production of OKLAHOMA! Tom found a new dream where the wind comes sweeping down the plain. To pursue this dream he packed up his truck and moved to Beverly, the Beverly Garland hotel in Studio City California that is. 30 short years later his dream was realized when he was cast in ALL IN MY HEAD.

Jessica Garcia

Voice of Allison

Jessica Garcia is a Southern California native, starting her performance career by singing Cher songs in her family’s living room in the San Fernando Valley and dreaming of being Meryl Streep one day. Having discovered a passion for entertainment, she did theatre for many years and decided to pursue dramatic arts at the University of Southern California where she focused on voiceover and dialect/accent training and graduated in 2017. After working in PR for a year, she left corporate life to return to acting with the role of Fraulein Schneider in Cabaret and is so excited to continue following her dreams with this role of Allison. When she isn’t in the booth, she can usually be found watching Mamma Mia!, eating enchiladas, and speaking to her roommate in a Russian accent. And no, she still hasn’t met Meryl.

On Shiu

Voice of Josiah

He enjoys salty potato chips with non-or-lowfat cottage cheese. Previously, On has voiced Justin on Super Ordinary, and performed in: Our Town (Deaf West Theatre & Pasadena Playhouse); Nothing Is The Same (Sierra Madre Playhouse); Grimm Tales (Hollywood Fringe Festival); ars PARADOXICA (The Whisperforge).

Grace Hanson

Voice of Dr. Connors

Grace studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute whilst living in New York. On the side, Grace has been in a boxing match, created a greeting card business and moved to LA to pursue her acting career or become the next Mike Tyson — who knows! She loves psychological thrillers including Split, American Psycho and The Talented Mr Ripley. Not to mention Sherlock Holmes books, she has to stay true to her British roots, and Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier.

Shefali Vasudevan

Voice of Darla

Shefali Vasudevan is a LA local writer, director, and performer. Currently finishing up work on a short film and web series, Shefali has experience working on different sides of production including acting, writing, and directing. She also runs an art blog with her friend, Rebecca Todaro, called Late Homework to help promote local artists! Mental and Physical Health is something that is really important for Shefali so reading Alexandra’s script for “All in My Head” really inspired her. She felt that the issues talked about hadn’t been talked about before and knew she wanted to be a part of the process. Her favorite horror/thriller(and technically comedy) is Cabin in the Woods.

Megan Reisberg

Voice of The Nurse

Megan Reisberg is an actor and improviser* from Chicago. Megan is reading “It” by Stephen King, but she is also taking a pause from “It” as she was thoroughly creeped out by the most recent chapter she read. “It” is great, everyone should read “It.” Megan had such a great time working on A.I.M.H. and is very thankful for such a great opportunity! *You can catch Megan performing every week at the Moving Arts theater with her team “Honeymoon,” Thursdays at 10pm.

Marissa Tandon

Voice of Patient

Marissa Tandon is incredibly proud of her sister, Alexandra Tandon, for creating such an impactful and brilliant show. She doesn’t like to brag, but she’s known Alexandra since before it was cool. Marissa is also a writer and actor, and ventured into the podcast world with her show Super Ordinary. She has previously trained at iO West, and has a degree in Writing for TV and Film (WTF??) from Emerson College. Her favorite hobbies include: sleeping, eating Oreos on a diet (they’re vegan, it counts), and making cameos whenever she is most needed.


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